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x i LIVE for big puppies

x i eat ice cream at least once a day

x horses + barrel racing are my second passion

x spinning in circles for photo/video is my specialty

x i take some sort of camera EVERYWHERE i go

x down to travel? my bags are packed

x really just a sucker for all living creatures

x red dirt country gets me every time

x lover of MEMORIES! (duh)

x dry shampoo and messy buns are my bffs

x im always down for an adventure

x i love NEW FRIENDS!!

my story

People ask me constantly how I got into photo or video. And honestly, I feel like I always have.

If you want to be really creepy, stalk my facebook back a few years. I have this old photo album that I refuse to delete of when I thought I was a photographer. I have always been that friend who takes too many pictures, and my friends hate me for it. But I love it! Moments mean so much to me.

I started to learn and get more in depth with a camera in high school when I was on newspaper and yearbook. While I honestly hated anything that had to do with a camera, I was drawn to writing.

When I graduated, I started to learn about videography. I instantly fell in love. With the help of others and self teaching, I learned how to create stories through video. With videos then came photos, which I have learned to love just as much. I am completely self taught besides some teaching in high school (shoutout to Erin Konecky).

I have an itch to create. I want to do it everyday. I love experimenting, doing fun shoots, and just LIVING! Moments are made to be captured. 

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